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Carter Agri-Systems had its beginning in 1927. Phil Carter was only two years old. He and his parents, Arthur and Winnie Carter, lived in an adobe home in Lund, Nevada. Using an old garage and a stock yard behind their home, Arthur began selling farm equipment, horse-drawn mowers with 5' cutter bars, side delivery rakes and ditchers. He also sold horse-drawn sleighs used to feed the cattle in the winter time.

Vera Carter Reid, Arthur's sister, was also interested in selling merchandise, and in 1929 she went into partnership with her brothers Arthur, Lafayette, and their mother. They built a concrete block building on the northwest corner of the Carter lot on Main Street in Lund. Along with farm equipment, they expanded their store to include gas, groceries, notions, hardware and garden supplies. They called their new business the Reid and Carter's Store.

As Phil helped his father, Arthur, he became very interested in the farm equipment business and also with farming and ranching. Upon Phil's marriage to Ludean Hendrix, they made their home in Ely , Nevada . After about one year, Phil and his father opened a J.I. Case dealership in Ely. Phil worked as manager, salesman, deliverer, mechanic and bookkeeper. After two years they made the decision to close the Ely store and Phil moved back to Lund to work in the Lund store.

For 30 years, Arthur operated the Reid and Carter's Store in Lund . In 1961, they expanded the store to accommodate more lines of farm equipment, including J.I. Case tractors. Also in 1961, Phil bought the Reid and Carter's Store from his father and changed the name to Carter's Country Store. To display their equipment, they parked it in front of the Carter's Country Store and in front of the Carter home on Main Street. Their mechanic's shop was located where the present day Carter Agri-Systems now stands.

As the Carter's Country Store began to grow, Phil found it necessary to build a new mechanic's shop and business office in a location where he had more room. The name of the new equipment business became Carter Agri-Systems.

In 1978, Gilbert Griffin married Phil and Ludean's daughter, Jeanne. Gilbert was born and raised in South Carolina, but while growing up, he spent his summers in Lund, Nevada working in his brother-in-law's haying operation. In 1987, Gilbert was made co-owner of Carter Agri-Systems and today manages the business. Phil still serves his customers by personally making deliveries all around the state of Nevada.

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